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Vehlinggo Logo Tee - Popular Special Variant REPRESS
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This is the 2nd repress of the special variant of the popular black Vehlinggo logo t-shirt, again in high-quality Pima Tee and screen-printed by Oregon Screen. (The logo is a take on the classic red-letter-on-grey you've come to know.)

Orders will close once supplies are exhausted. And believe me, these things are limited.

The logo is by Alexander Burkart, who's designed art and logos for the Valerie Collective members (incl. College, Electric Youth, Anoraak, Maethelvin) and legendary mp3 blog Discodust.

==>It's Everywhere<==

You've seen Dana Jean Phoenix wear it in a music video, Holly Dodson from Parallels pose in it, Teeel wear it while performing live, and Burning Witches Records' Gary Dimes wear it when meeting JJ Abrams. Basically, you've seen it on fans at shows, on artists in their social feeds. You've seen it everywhere. Now own it, too.

Vehlinggo shirts have been sported in the studio and on stage by the likes of Anoraak, Maethelvin, Le Matos, FM Attack, Dana Jean Phoenix, Parallels, Von Hertzog, College collaborator Nola Wren, Teeel, Lakeshore Records synth composer OGRE, renaissance man John Bergin, Timecop1983, Devery Doleman of Scam Avenue, Ariel Loh ("The Eyes of My Mother," Drinker), Minneapolis- and Brooklyn-based DJ Misty Vales, and many more.

So many people have grown fond of the Vehlinggo logo tee since its debut in 2016, but this new variant really knocks it out of the park.

**NOTE: Pima tees can sometimes get tight after regular washing, so if you're a medium normally you might want a large, and so forth. If you own an Italians Do It Better shirt, then you are aware of the fit and style of this shirt.**

**NOTE: Shirt fits any gender identity.**

PHOTO BY BRAD KINNAN, who you've seen posing in a Vehlinggo shirt next to Johnny Jewel.

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