Limited Edition VEHLINGGO Logo T-Shirt Variant


Image of Limited Edition VEHLINGGO Logo T-Shirt Variant

This is a new variant of the original and popular black Vehlinggo logo t-shirt, this time as a high-quality Pima Tee and screen-printed by the best place, Oregon Screen. (Logo is a take on the classic red-letter-on-grey you've come to know.)

--> This shirt has been sported in the studio and on stage by the likes of Le Matos, Ariel Loh ("The Eyes of My Mother," Drinker), Valerie Collective members Anoraak and Maethelvin, College collaborator Nola Wren, Lakeshore Records synth composer OGRE, renaissance man John Bergin, Timecop1983, Devery Doleman of Scam Avenue, Von Hertzog, British synth artist Kalax, Minneapolis- and Brooklyn-based DJ Misty Vales, and many more.

So many people have grown fond of the shirt since its debut in 2016.

NOTE: Pima tends to run a little small, so if you're a medium normally you might want a large, and so forth.

Orders ship in 3 business days. Shirts fit any gender identity, so I guess they're "unisex."

(Vehlinggo logo by Alexander Burkart.)